Stellar provides a range of films and laminates that provide our customers with a soft, yet protective backsheet for the disposable baby diaper market. It’s important that our films and laminates are gentle and medically approved for skin contact.


Comfort is key in providing a film or laminate to be used as a protective linerbacksheet or individual overwrap for feminine hygiene products. Our films are also used in the manufacture of breast pads.


Stellar films are quiet which is critical in providing discreet protection for the users of either napkin or pant-style incontinence products. Our films are also used for institutional products such as bed pads.


Stellar films and laminates have excellent barrier properties required for many medical disposable markets. They provide a clean surface for the packing of surgical instruments. They are also strong and tear resistant, perfect for surgical drapes or gowns.


Many pets are living in urban settings therefore pet pads are becoming increasingly important. Our films provide a protective liner that is critical to the performance of this product.


Stellar films and laminates can be used for many types of packaging such as wicketed bags or bubblewrap. They provide secure protection of your products. The embossing can give your product packs a “satin” look and feel. We also provide films for the manufacture of soaker pads used in the packaging of food products.


Our films can also be used as a protective layer in the manufacture of acoustic control panels for the car industry or bonded to carpet underlay.