stellarfilmsgroup.comPlease refer to the dimensions provided for each painting to find the retail price .


48"X60" 8,000 USD
36"X60" 6,000 USD
36"X48" 5,300 USD
36"X36" 4,400 USD
24"X48" 4,200 USD
36" circle 4,000 USD
36"X30" 4,000 USD
30"X40" 4,000 USD
20"X16" 1,800 USD

painting of a blue bull

Works on Paper

8"X11" 500 USD
12"X18" 800 USD
20"X16" 1,100 USD
20"X30" 1,800 USD

stellarfilmsgroup.comPlease contact Anastasia if you wish to purchase a painting. Payments may be made by check or by Paypal.