Stellar Films Group can offer a range of films or laminates and will work closely with you to develop a product that meets your every need.

Texture Microembossed with either a diamond or sandblast pattern
Deep embossed
Colour White, clear, pink or blue we can also colour match to meet your requirements
Co-extruded Multi-layered films can create different characteristics on each side of the film including colours and/or different polymers for a unique feel or look.Our co-extruded films can be a different colour on each side or could have a different polymer on each side for eg. PE/PP or PE/PP/PE
Printed 1, 2 or 3 colours in fact we can offer a film or laminate printed with up to 6 colours in either permanent or wetness indicator inks with either a gravure or flexographic process.  We are able to print directly on to the film or the non-woven
Silicon We have the ability to siliconise one side of our films
Laminates We can offer a range of textile backsheets (TBS) that are either extrusion coated or adhesive laminated to either a SBPP or SMMS nonwovens. Our laminates may be either hydrophobic or hydrophillic
Widths 67mm – 1200mm
Thickness 14.5gsm – 65gsm
Length 2500m – 8000m
Core Size 76mm or 152mm
Outer Diamater 300mm – 600mm